What Kind of Jacket Does Rip Wear in Yellowstone?

What Kind of Jacket Does Rip Wear in Yellowstone?

Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser in the Paramount Network show Yellowstone, is known for his iconic style, including his signature jacket. Rip’s embodiment of ruggedness and resilience finds impeccable harmony with the array of jackets he adorns throughout the course of the show. Admirers and enthusiasts of this remarkable series are consistently intrigued by the precise classification of Rip’s jacket and are constantly seeking avenues to procure similar sartorial choices that encapsulate his distinctive flair. This article will explore the jacket worn by Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone, including the material, and iconic colors.

What is the rip jacket in Yellowstone?

The Rip Jackets in Yellowstone encompass a distinct category of outerwear exclusively donned by the renowned character Rip Wheeler within the realm of the beloved television series “Yellowstone.” Portrayed with utmost authenticity by the talented actor Cole Hauser, Rip Wheeler commands attention with his unwavering ruggedness and indomitable spirit.

The jacket he wears has transcended its on-screen presence to achieve an iconic status, captivating the hearts of fervent fans worldwide. Meticulously curated to resonate with Rip’s resilient and resolute persona, these jackets are a testament to meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Crafted from premium materials, they harmoniously merge style and longevity in perfect unison. Impeccably tailored, these jackets often feature meticulous details such as front zipper closures, a multitude of pockets for practicality, and a contoured silhouette that accentuates Rip’s inherently rugged appearance.

What Kind of Jacket Does Rip Wear in Yellowstone?

Rip Wheeler’s cotton jacket in the acclaimed television series Yellowstone is artfully fashioned to encapsulate an embodiment of resolute masculinity. Every detail of the jacket’s construction reflects meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to superior quality. The jacket features a classic collar that exudes timeless sophistication, harmonizing seamlessly with its meticulously designed full front zipper closure, adding an element of functionality while elevating its aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the jacket’s thoughtful incorporation of multiple pockets not only enhances its practicality but also contributes to its overall sense of style. These well-placed pockets serve as both utilitarian storage spaces and design elements, providing a harmonious fusion of functionality and fashion. Furthermore, the impeccably tailored fit of the jacket accentuates Rip’s physique, enhancing his already formidable presence with an added layer of commanding authority. It is this attention to detail and devotion to excellence that sets Rip Wheeler’s cotton jacket apart, solidifying its status as a symbol of rugged refinement in the world of Yellowstone.

The Material of a Rip jacket

The Rip jacket showcased in the acclaimed television series Yellowstone is predominantly fashioned from cotton, an incredibly versatile and extensively employed fabric celebrated for its remarkable breathability and unparalleled softness.

Cotton, being a natural fiber imbued with exceptional properties, facilitates optimal air circulation, rendering it the epitome of suitability for diverse weather conditions. This deliberate selection of cotton as the primary fabric for the Rip jacket serves as a guarantee that Rip experiences unparalleled comfort and unwavering protection during his demanding ranch work and exhilarating outdoor escapades. The inherent ability of cotton to keep Rip at ease and shielded ensures that he can fully immerse himself in his tasks and ventures without compromise. Thus, the Rip jacket’s utilization of cotton fabric epitomizes a thoughtful fusion of style, functionality, and unparalleled comfort.

The Color of Authority: Brown and Black Variations

When it comes to the Rip Jackets in Yellowstone, a predominant color scheme emerges, primarily revolving around shades of brown and black. These hues are carefully selected to evoke a sense of authority, strength, and ruggedness, perfectly aligning with the multifaceted character of Rip Wheeler.

  1. Brown Variations:

Brown jackets play a pivotal role in Rip’s ensemble, offering a versatile and captivating aesthetic that effortlessly complements a wide range of outfits. The myriad shades of brown, ranging from deep chocolate tones to rich cognac hues, or even distressed tan variations, imbue his wardrobe with a rustic and earthy allure. These shades evoke a connection to the natural world, emphasizing Rip’s bond with the untamed wilderness of Yellowstone. The nuanced spectrum of brown hues offers a diverse array of options, allowing for both subtle and pronounced statements of style.

  1. Black Statements:

In the Rip Jacket collection, black jackets reign supreme, exuding an unparalleled sense of power and sophistication. With their sleek and timeless allure, black jackets make an indelible impression, allowing the wearer to radiate confidence and authority. This commanding color choice aligns seamlessly with Rip’s resilient and enigmatic character, accentuating his enigmatic aura. The striking presence of black jackets in his wardrobe underscores Rip’s unwavering resolve and lends an air of intrigue to his overall appearance.


The Rip Jacket in Yellowstone is a distinctive piece of clothing worn by the character Rip Wheeler in the popular TV series. The jacket is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and functionality. The color variations primarily revolve around brown and black, symbolizing authority and ruggedness. The Rip Jacket’s combination of style and practicality has captivated fans and made it an iconic aspect of Rip Wheeler’s character.


What specific brand or designer creates Rip’s jackets in Yellowstone?

Unfortunately, the show does not explicitly mention a specific brand or designer responsible for Rip’s jackets. However, the costume department and stylists work diligently to curate the perfect jackets that embody Rip’s character and style.

Are the jackets worn by Rip Wheeler available for purchase?

While exact replicas of Rip’s jackets may not be available for purchase, fans can find similar styles from various fashion brands and retailers. Look for jackets that capture the rugged and masculine aesthetic showcased by Rip in the show.

Are the leather jackets worn by Rip made from genuine leather?

Yes, the leather jackets worn by Rip in Yellowstone are typically made from either genuine leather or synthetic leather materials. Genuine leather provides a high-quality and authentic look, while synthetic leather offers a cruelty-free alternative.

Can I wear Rip’s jackets for outdoor activities and adventures?

Absolutely! The jackets worn by Rip Wheeler are specifically chosen for their durability and functionality. Whether it’s a leather jacket, denim jacket, or plaid shirt jacket, they are designed to withstand rugged use and outdoor activities.

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