The Brand of Rip's Jacket in Yellowstone - A Style Icon for the Modern

The Brand of Rip’s Jacket in Yellowstone – A Style Icon for the Modern

Yellowstone is a popular American TV series that has captivated audiences with its breathtaking landscapes, gripping storyline, and memorable characters. The show is renowned for its unique blend of drama, action, and adventure, but it’s also gained a reputation for its stunning fashion. In particular, the character of Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, has become synonymous with his iconic yellow jacket. This article will explore the brand of Rip’s jacket in Yellowstone, its characteristics, and its impact on fashion and pop culture.

Rip’s jacket in Yellowstone

Rip Wheeler, the rugged and tough ranch hand in the hit series Yellowstone, is known for his signature leather jacket. The jacket is a classic motorcycle style, made of dark brown leather with a distressed finish. It features a zippered front, multiple pockets, and a belted waist. The collar is a wide lapel with snap closures, adding to the jacket’s edgy and masculine look.

The jacket is a significant part of Rip’s character development, as it reflects his tough and uncompromising personality. Rip is a man of few words, but his actions speak volumes. He is fiercely loyal to the Dutton family and will do whatever it takes to protect them and their ranch. The jacket is a symbol of his unwavering commitment and dedication to his job. It also serves as a reminder of his troubled past and the hardships he has endured.

Fans of the show have taken notice of Rip’s jacket, with many expressing their admiration for its style and ruggedness. The jacket has become a popular item among fans, with many seeking to own a similar one for themselves. It has even inspired fashion trends, with leather jackets becoming a staple in men’s fashion.

The Brand of Rip’s jacket

Filson is a brand known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and accessories. Their products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and rugged outdoor activities. Filson’s jackets are made from durable materials such as waxed cotton and wool, and are often lined with warm materials like flannel or down. The brand’s signature style is classic and timeless, with a focus on functionality and durability. Filson’s jackets are popular among hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate the brand’s rugged aesthetic.

Compared to similar jackets in the market, Filson’s Rip Wheeler jacket is a standout product. Its unique color, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail make it a must-have item for any fashion enthusiast. The jacket is available in a range of sizes and is reasonably priced, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

The impact of Rip’s jacket on fashion

Rip Wheeler’s leather jacket in Yellowstone has become a fashion icon, inspiring a trend in men’s fashion. The jacket’s rugged and masculine look has influenced fashion trends, with many designers incorporating similar styles into their collections. The impact of Rip’s jacket on fashion is a testament to the show’s success and the power of pop culture to shape fashion trends.

The influence of Rip’s jacket on fashion can be seen in the popularity of leather jackets among men. The jacket’s classic motorcycle style has become a staple in men’s fashion, with many designers creating their own versions of the jacket. The jacket’s distressed finish and multiple pockets have also become popular features in men’s fashion.

Rip’s jacket has also inspired similar jackets worn by other TV and movie characters. For example, the character of Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy wore a similar leather jacket, which became a popular fashion trend among fans of the show. The jacket’s influence on fashion can also be seen in movies like The Terminator, where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character wore a similar jacket.

Fashion is an important part of pop culture, with fashion trends often reflecting the values and attitudes of society. The impact of Rip’s jacket on fashion is a testament to the show’s success and the power of pop culture to shape fashion trends. Fashion can also be a way for people to express their identity and connect with others who share similar interests.


In conclusion, Rip Wheeler’s leather jacket has become an iconic fashion trend that has influenced men’s fashion. It’s a symbol of strength, resilience, and loyalty that has become an iconic item in pop culture. The brand of the jacket, Filson, is a testament to its high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The impact of Rip’s jacket on fashion is undeniable, and it has become a source of inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts. As fashion continues to evolve, it’s clear that the impact of Rip’s jacket will endure and continue to influence fashion trends for years to come.


What are the key features of Rip’s jacket in Yellowstone?

Rip’s jacket in Yellowstone is a style icon for the modern cowboy, featuring a rugged and durable design with a distressed leather finish and a warm, comfortable lining. It also includes a classic collar, front zipper closure, and multiple pockets for added functionality.

What makes Rip’s jacket stand out from other leather jackets?

Rip’s jacket stands out from other leather jackets due to its unique design and attention to detail. The distressed leather finish gives it a rugged and authentic look, while the warm lining adds comfort and functionality. The classic collar and front zipper closure also add to its timeless appeal.

Can Rip’s jacket be worn in different seasons?

Yes, Rip’s jacket can be worn in different seasons. The warm lining makes it suitable for colder weather, while the distressed leather finish also makes it a great choice for cooler summer evenings. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn year-round.

What are some styling tips for wearing Rip’s jacket?

Rip’s jacket can be styled in many ways. For a classic cowboy look, pair it with a plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. For a more modern look, wear it with a white t-shirt, black jeans, and sneakers. It can also be dressed up with a button-down shirt and dress pants for a more formal occasion. The possibilities are endless!

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